Hi, my name is
Christian Jul

I am a consultant web-architect and developer.

You can hire me!

I analyze, architect and code

Developing for the web since 2000, I have created solutions on all sorts of websites for all sizes of organizations.

My main expertise is complex web applications and integrations built in Node.js or PHP, but I love trying out new stuff and enjoy frontend development as well.

Word on the street

“Christian has technical insight on a level that's very hard to beat. No matter if you're looking for a top-notch senior developer or a strong tech architect, you're in excellent hands with him. And the even better news: He's a genuinely kind and intelligent being.”
Rasmus Skjoldan, Lead product manager, Magnolia
“Analytical sense, and capability of execution. These two traits mark the excellent consultant, and distinguish him from the rest. Christian Jul possesses both properties and even adds his immensely helpful proficiency in laying out a realistic plan for solving a given problem. I have personally worked closely with Christian on several projects, and can readily attest to his keen eye for details, his immense knowledge and experience, and his helpful nature and delightful personality. Christian is a battle hardened leader in the field of enterprise web architecture and development, and would add significant leverage to any organization looking for a consultant with deep knowledge in this field, gained through many years of working passionately with key technologies that have formed the Internet in the last couple of decades. ”
Basim Reza, Enterprise Architect at Topdanmark
“There are many developers out there who jump at every upcoming framework, tool or library. In this business it is essential to keep learning, but since everything is changing rapidly, it is even more important to keep an eye on the big picture. Christian is the joker in your project: while he knows the nitty gritty details which make an excellent application, he also has the experience to judge unexpected situations and lay a solid foundation which is essential for any non-trivial project.”
Robert Lemke, Founder of TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 Neos

I am available for consultancy and contract work
Currently considering projects starting Q1 2021.
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